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Great Ideas For Fundraising

Last year we managed to raise a staggering £40,500 from our Men's Walk.  This amount is incredible and we are extremely grateful for the continued dedication and support of everyone who took part!  All the money raised from the Men's Walk will help Hospiscare continue caring for people living with a life limiting illness. Help us raise funds this year so that we can continue providing expert care to patients and their families at home, in our hospice and at the hospital.
Raise as much as you can!
Your entry fee only covers our costs. We need you to raise as much sponsorship money as you can to help Hospiscare care for local people.


Get sponsored online

Just to Justgiving or Virgin Money where you can make your own online web page and invite friends and family to donate. No chasing for money or handling cash - it's easy!

 Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving

Fundraise in memory with JustGiving

Request a sponsor form to be sent
Contact us if you would like us to send a sponsor form to your address or email. Click on the FAQ's tab and select Contact. Alternatively Click here to download your sponsorship form.
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Great tips for Fundraising
We know how hard fundraising can be and we are here to help.  See below for lots of fantastic ways to raise some cash! 
 Five Minute Fundraising!
  • Go without one pint for the week and donate your beer money to Hospiscare. By saving money from one pint a week that's about £15 a month!
  • Swear Box -Get your mates or colleagues to put 50p in the box if they swear
  • Fill a pint glass or beer bottle with 20p, 50p or £1 coins!
  • Get your boss to match your fundraising £ for £.
Hospiscare Week car wash 006

 Car Washing

Offer to wash friends cars for a small fee. Ask your company if you do a car wash in the company car park.


Chocolate Ban

Get sponsored for every three days you can go without chocolate - or for every day without, if you're a serious chocoholic!


Head Shaving

Less impressive if you already have a crew cut, but for those of you with long flowing locks this could earn you shed loads of cash. Or if you aren't feeling brave, get sponsored to shave the head of a hairy (willing) mate.

Staff council (6)  Arm Wrestling

Charge your mates - or the local rugby/footie/any testosterone driven team - to arm wrestle one another. Probably best tried at your local pub. You could even fashion a snazzy badge/ medal type thing for the winner.

piggybankMedium  Beard Shaving

Grab a few hairy marys and shave them. Not just for fun - fundraise by getting people to sponsor them to go through with it. You can shave heads, beards, backs or legs... the possibilities are great.


Get Waxing!

Organise a sponsored leg wax, chest wax beard or head shave and ask your colleagues to donate to watch you get waxed! They’ll love it and add the money raised to your Men's Walk total.


Coin Collection

Have a collecting box in your own home and at the end of the day put loose change in it e.g. all coins below a certain value go in the collecting box. Alternatively, plan to save one or two pound coins each week. When the box is full, donate it.



If you enjoy growing plants, raise plants (indoor or outdoor) or trees from seeds or cutting and sell these at fairs. If you grow fruit and veg, grow additional fruit and veg to sell at fairs. Prepared bulbs such as early flowering hyacinths and daffodils are often popular.

jeans  Back to Front Day

Get sponsored to wear your clothes the wrong way round for a whole day.

shutterstock_77172691 Office Collection Day

Stick a pot on your desk with notices telling people what you're raising money for. Loudly remind your colleagues that it's for a good cause. Probably best to do this the day before you leave your job...

beer  Six Nations Sweepstake
Arrange a sweepstake for the Six Nations and add a percentage of the winnings to your sponsorship money for Hospiscare.
  Hospiscare is a registered charity no. 297798. Copyright Hospiscare 2013

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